Thursday, July 30, 2009

The BIG 3-0...

So here it is...the day I have been...I don't want to say I'll go with cautiously awaiting. Today I turn 30! I guess it's not that big of a deal...all my friends are already there...and they're making it just fine :) But I swear it feels like just yesterday I was a teenager and 30 seemed like a lifetime away. Cruising around town with friends and not a care in the world...oh those were the days! What's scary is that I started dating Chad when I was 15. If that doesn't make you feel old...!!

Nevertheless, the past week or so I have been with my thoughts more than usual, thinking about where I've been and where I'm going. The part that is tough for me, besides the fact that my metabolism has slowed to a crawl, is the realization that some of the best days of my life are over. Moments that I looked forward to since I was a little girl have come and gone. My twenties were filled with precious memories and it's a little sad to know it's over. No more pregnancies or precious newborns for me. And apparently no more eating whatever I want without severe consequences :) Let's face it...when you turn 30 you are saying goodbye to youth and hello to middle-aged madness!

Through all of the crazy emotions I AM excited about entering this new chapter of my life. And can you say NO MORE DIAPERS! Soon...very soon :) Even though our three little Chamandas are growing up, I still like to think of us as young parents :) We have so much to look forward to and so many more memories to make. We are having a blast living life...It's better than I ever imagined it would be.

My deepest desire from this point on is that I live on purpose not wasting one day. I want to pour into my children a legacy that not only affects their lives here on earth but eternity as well. I want a larger view of life and God. I want to live more for Him and less for me. I want to treasure the time with Taylor, Averi and Connor that I know will pass too fast.

So today the plan is to surround myself with people I love and celebrate life! One thing I know for sure...middle-age is not going to scare me! My 30's will be the best years yet!! I am blessed beyond belief!

Monday, July 27, 2009

One With Nature...

So I only thought I could move to the country...haha!! After our camping trip this weekend I decided I'm really a city girl who needs her regular dose of Sonic and Target shopping sprees. There is something so comforting knowing a 24/7 Wal-Mart is just down the street if I need it :) But for a couple of days we had sooo much fun hanging out with Seth, Stacy, Kim, and Les, and the Roaring Springs locals. How nice to forget about the stress of daily life.

This was mine, Taylor and Averi's first time camping. The kids were in absolute heaven. They played until they could play no more. They fished and swam and ran around. It was nice just letting them go free.

We enjoyed late nights under the stars just talking and laughing. One night Stacy, Chad and I went for a late night walk at 1 a.m. It was so fun seeing the lights strung at each campsite and all the people that were still out talking with friends and family.

By Sunday we were all exhausted and ready for our own beds! But I am looking forward to more camping trips in the future. A tent is definitely on our shopping list. Thanks Kim and Les for a FUN weekend :)

Our tent! It fit all 8 of us and 5 air mattresses :)

First night there...eating hotdogs


Taylor caught a frog :)

Aves and me

Fishing at the creek

At the pool

The water was COOOOLD

Stacy, Chad, and I on our late-night walk!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Please forgive me for thinking I have it rough, and for taking for granted our blessed life.

It's sad that it takes a story like this to remind me just how truly blessed we are.

Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks of being a mom. It's not always easy...and it can get a little monontonous.

But when I think I've got it bad because the house is upside down, or laundry is piled to the ceiling, or the kids are screaming at each other...I will think of this family and be thankful.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Roaring Springs and the Ranch...

Seth and Stacy had Corsen's 2nd birthday party at Roaring Springs this past Saturday, and we all had a blast. I don't know what has come over me lately, but I could so leave good ole' Lubbock for a quiet life in the country! Give me a fridge full of coke and I'm there:)

After the party we went to Seth's parent's ranch a few miles away. We floated the pond, cooked-out, and enjoyed just hanging out. Doesn't get much better than that!

The gang...I love these people:)

The kids had fun catching minnows in the stream.


Stacy, Seth and the Birthday Boy

Our little family minus Connor

On a nature walk

Riding four-wheelers at the ranch

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Fabulous Fourth...

We celebrated the Fourth by going to Spur, TX and crashing Seth and Stacy's family reunion! We had soo much fun...and I realized I am a country girl at heart. Her parents live way out in the middle of nowhere and the land is beautiful. It reminded me of going to my grandparent's in Shamrock when I was a kid. It was so peaceful and least until the fireworks:)

Is that view not gorgous?? I wish that was our backyard!

We could see storms around us all day. We only got a little bit of rain.

Mama relaxin' in the pool:)

Our Firecracker

The monkey bars were ladders...I'm just sayin' :)

Ready for the show! I didn't get any pictures of it, but their fireworks show was AMAZING...and it was right over our heads!

Nothing better than sparklers.

We had such a fun Fourth! Happy Birthday, USA!!

Parade at Vintage...

To kick off our Fourth of July celebration we had a cookout at Dondi and Poppi's and let the kids decorate their scooters for the parade at Vintage Township.

Parade Princesses

Stars and Stripes were everywhere!!

Thanks for holding the balloons, Chad!

The little boys lucked out and got to ride in the golf cart!

Making their way to the parade.

The parade was so cute! I didn't get a picture, but Uncle Sam even showed up :)

Taylor leading the way.

After the parade they had fun on the waterslides!

Connor would not walk down the water tunnel. He stayed right there and wouldn't move.