Thursday, June 30, 2011

Golf with the Guys...

So we survived without the a/c last night...but just barely. I tossed and turned in the suffocating heat, while Chad woke up every-so-often to use the spray bottle for some relief. He would spray down and go back to sleep. I would have done the same, but it was too hot to move that far. Taylor and Averi wimped out on us...they begged me to take them to their grandparents. Whatever!! So anyway, a/c is back on and in full force. It's the little things...

Before she wimped-out and left us to suffer all alone last night, Taylor was talking about how excited she was to play golf with Chad and Poppi. She asked if I would wake her up early so she could get all gussied up for her golf debut. I think she's pretty cute myself!
Golf With Guys 2 6-30-11

Golf With Guys 6-30-11

Swing it, girl!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Relief From the Heat...

This heat...oh this heat! Our air conditioner has slowly been dying the last few finally kicked the bucket tonight, so we are in for a long, hot, stuffy night. I will choose to be thankful:) To escape we took the girls for a bit of pampering today. They now have red, white, and blue toenails, appropriately. We also did a little shopping and scored some great deals at Gap. Cute clothes are cuter when they're cheap!



Connor started swim lessons this week. I would have never thought that after the 2nd lesson he would be swimming, but sho'nuff he is. His instructor was quite impressed. She kept scooting the chairs farther apart in the water and he was able to swim the distance. He also jumped off the diving board tonight, and he loved it! He is a fearless little guy...makes me nervous.
After his first lesson he got a ribbon for his hard work. He was thrilled and kept asking: "Does it mean I won?"

Practicing moving his arms.

I love my little Connor. He usually has possession of my phone and he has figured out how to download apps. He knows he can only get free ones...and he has to ask me first. So when he finds a game he wants he comes to me and says: "Can I get it?...It's three!"

Tomorrow Chad and Steve are taking Taylor to play a round of golf. I can't wait to hear how much fun they have. Taylor is super excited. She got some clubs for her birthday and has been itching to use them.

Averi is still healing from surgery. Her ears have been hurting the last few days. This is normal, and I remember it happening to Taylor. I just pray she feels 100% better ASAP! Getting your tonsils out is no joke.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Whewee! Glad That's Over With...

I am so happy we are on the other side of Averi's tonsillectomy. We've been anxiously awaiting this for a least a year now. On top of her issues with asthma, she has had to deal with strep and other respiratory problems...mostly during the fall and spring. With all of her issues I don't know if she has ever felt 100% on a consistent basis. I am so excited for her to just feel good!

Wednesday the 22nd was the big day. Dr. Scolaro's office told us to be at the surgery center by 8:30, so of course we rushed to get there on time only to wait...and then wait some more. I believe it was 9:45 when we were called back to the 2nd waiting room. This is where the nurse checked vitals, Dr. Thorton (anesthesiologist) and Dr. Scolaro checked in. And most importantly it's where Miss Ave's got her "happy juice". That is some good stuff:) It's kinda cruel, but I just had to video Averi all drugged up! Personally, I wouldn't mind a daily dose of "happy juice".

Around 11:20, once the "happy juice" was in full effect, they came for Averi. From the time they took her to the OR until Dr. Scolaro came out to tell us how everything went, it was a total of 30 minutes. I mean dang...that is fast! But for those 30 minutes it is such a helpless feeling knowing that the safety of your child is in someone else's hands.

Thankfully everything went smoothly. We were able to be with her as she was waking up and that was hard to watch. She was crying, confused, and in pain. My heart hurt for her. All we could do is hold her and tell her it would get better. The dr. said Averi's tonsils were embedded and covered with yellow pits. Definitely a plus to have those out. Hopefully this will help prevent sickness next fall/spring. For now, I am blessed to be at home helping her heal. Yay for summer vacation:)

Before Happy Juice...a little nervous

After happy juice...not feelin' a thang



Poor baby...big sis didn't leave her side

Finally home and a little more comfortable

Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Video...

I love making movies on the much fun!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Decade Ago...

This amazing girl was born! Happy birthday, Tay Tay...we love you to the moon and back!








DSC_0042 3

DSC_0222 2

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's That Time Again...

Time to break out the blue eyeshadow and bright red lipstick. Recital weekend is back! With 4 dances between the 2 girls, it makes for a full 2 days of rehearsals and performances. DSC_0045

It is a delicate balancing act running back and forth trying to watch each dance and help with costume changes.

Recital weekend is magical...tiring...but magical.

My girls blow me away!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Man how I love a slow, hot, summer day. We have been soaking up every minute of our time together.

Flip-flops and sidewalk chalk? Yes, please!
DSC_0004no edge burn

Colorful toenails :)


Sidewalk Art


One last practice


Raise the's SUMMER!!