Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break Surprise...

I guess you could say that we are a family who flies by the seat of our pants. As much as I would like to, for the most part we don't plan. We just don't. Instead we usually end up going with the flow...wherever that may lead. This brings me to last weekend. It was Saturday and spring break was here! We were bracing ourselves for a week of nothing to do in Lubbock. I desperately wanted a change of scenery, even if it was to Amarillo and back. Just something, PLEASE. Chad didn't seem interested in any of my ideas Friday...but by Saturday he was raring to go. First we were going to Vegas, then it was Colorado for some ski action, finally we ended up in reality and decided on Dallas. We had so much fun. It was great to get away for a few days with just the girls and Chad. Here are some pics of the spur-of-the-moment vacation!
In the hot tub at our first hotel.

Playing miniature golf.

They loved it.

Six Flags

My girls did not know who Bugs Bunny was.

My roller coaster buddy:)

She rode the Shockwave. What?! I was so proud!

Eating at the Rainforest Cafe.

Our second hotel...The Great Wolf Lodge

The jacuzzi in our room:)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Par-Tay Pictures...

This year we decided to do a Tech themed party! I love red, black and white together. Connor had a good time opening his presents and playing with his friends.

He thinks balloons are the coolest.

I am loving my double chin:) I need photoshop or something to help me out!

So many new toys!


Playing ball with Paw.

As party favors we gave out little Tech footballs. I guess everyone decided to have a ball fight in the house, because there were footballs flying across the room in all different directions. Kids were hanging over the top of the stairs chunking them down on our heads, they were downstairs throwing them was wild and crazy:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I've Been Skyped...

So maybe I'm totally behind the times, but I just had my first Skype experience a few minutes ago! It was the neatest thing ever. My dad is in Nicarauga and wanted to see Connor to wish him a Happy Birthday. I couldn't believe that, first of all it's FREE! And second, all we had to do was sit in front of the computer and talk and we could hear and see each other. At least I could see him. I don't have a web cam yet. That's on the to-do list tomorrow! Anyway, go check out Skype!