Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Four Year Shots...

Connor has only been four since March. I'm feeling pretty good that we finally got him in for his well-check. Geez. So he has grown three-and-a-half inches, which puts him in the 40th percentile. Yay. We have a kid that broke the tenth percentile! That's exciting.

We warned Connor last night that he would have to get shots. I don't know which is worse...springing it on them at the last minute or forewarning. He tried so hard to be brave, but it was just too much when the needles actually made their dreaded appearance.

Sometimes I feel silly taking pictures of, what seems like mundane, unimportant things like going to the doctor...but down the road I'm always glad I did. It's memories that would probably otherwise be forgotten. I love the little everyday happenings of life.

My parents bought Ladder Ball for the kids. That's a fun game. We've been playing in the front yard. All 3 of our kids are competitive. They like to talk a lot of smack. Wonder where they get that from?!


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