Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hanging in There Like a Hair in a Biscuit...

So the past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. Just when I was getting used to 3rd grade and things were settling down, my world was turned upside down.

Long story short...3 weeks after school started, because our numbers were low at Roberts, I was surplussed to another campus. After working so hard to get my classroom together I had to tear it all down and start over from scratch. A new school, new students, new staff, new grade-level...let me just say there have been many tears shed the last few weeks. But in a weird, God-works-in-mysterious-ways kind-of way, this chaos has been an answer to prayer. (Now that I have some hindsight to the situation it is getting easier to choke those words out).


Prior to changing schools I had been telling Chad that I felt like I wasn't being challenged as a teacher. I wanted experience teaching reading (as I had only taught math, science, and social studies) and it was something that I really felt strongly about. And strangely enough I never felt a peace about being in 3rd was as if God was preparing my heart and mind for the move.

I was told on a Monday that I would be leaving Roberts...Tuesday I packed up my class...Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I set up shop in the new room...and the next Monday started teaching first grade at Parkway. So I got what I wished for. I get to teach reading...and math...and science...and social studies!! I think God definitely has a sense of humor.

Through this whole process I have been blessed. So many people have reached out to give me words of encouragement, and have taken time out of their lives to help me with lessons, the classroom, etc. The staff at Parkway has been amazing. They welcomed me with open arms. I really couldn't ask for anything else. So here is the new room...

And the rolling cart that is insanely heavy and full of 1st grade curriculum. I am not a morning person so you can imagine how happy I am to load this into the car EVERY SINGLE MORNING.

Our baby girl turned 8. Her birthday was on a we surprised her by having her locker decorated all cutesie!

And then we had a slumber party at a hotel and there were little girls everywhere:)

Taylor's art won 2nd place at the fair!

And little man started the 4 year old class at KDO.

Life is good!


Jantz & Ab said...

Hey girl, im so glad to read your update that things are good! I had heard you moved but am blessed to know God had that blessing in store! He sure does know, doesn't he!
Your kiddos are just growing up and are as adorable as ever! Love how u decorated the locker! What a sweet surprise!

Georgia said...

Changing classrooms is a nightmare! Glad it all worked out!

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