Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Goings On at the Hill's...

We spent last Saturday at our friends' getaway in Roaring Springs. They call it the TTR (teeny tiny ranch). It is beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing...a great place to take a deep breath and enjoy nature.
We floated the pond.

We cooked-out on the reefer.

We played.


We bonded.

We enjoyed the rain clouds that surrounded us.

We rode like red-necks. Life on the TTR is nice!

These 2 little guys are the best of friends. We just refer to them as Seth and Chad Jr. They are miniature versions of their dads, and it is too funny watching them in action. They took swimming lessons together this week and got to hang out a little more than usual. Love these boys!

And last night this happened. Our doorbell rang at 10:55 and this is what was waiting for us. a sidewalk and driveway all chalked-up. Yep! Taylor was "chalked" for the first time. We are especially thankful it was not t.p. Considering our younger days of wrapping, if what goes around comes around then we are done for.


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