Friday, July 8, 2011

The Mommy Teacher...

As a teacher I am always looking for ways to make learning more enjoyable for my students. Of course my most important students are my 3 kiddos.

Our mission right now? The alphabet. We are working with Connor on his letters and the sounds they make. I find it fascinating how little ones acquire language. They are just like little sponges.

We want it to be fun so we came up with a few activities to motivate him. The girls are even excited about it. And man they are great little teachers themselves. It's so fun watching them work patiently with their little brother.

Our plan is to focus on one letter a week. We will really delve into that letter and learn as much as we can about it (capital, lowercase, its sound, etc). We will have Connor do different activities with each letter. For example we may print off a page of capital A's and lowercase a's, have him cut them out, and then sort them into 2 piles. That will also help develop his fine motor skills. We will explore our world and discover all the places we find letters.

We are starting with "A". Tomorrow we are going on a road trip and the competition is on. Whoever finds the most A's wins. The "A" can be on signs, billboards, clothes, the t.v., inside the car...wherever! I will keep a log and the winner gets to pick out a prize (dollar spot @ Target, ice cream, etc). They are pumped!

What I love most is sitting down and reading a good book with my kids. From picture books to chapter books I want to instill in them a love for reading. And what better way to end a long day than cuddling up with my 3 babies and escaping in a good story?!

There are so many resources that promote phonics skills/phonemic awareness. Here are a few of the resources we have found and like: (a great resource for ideas)

iPhone app: ABC Tracing
This app is great! It helps kids get a feel for the formation of letters as they trace along the dotted lines. It shows both upper and lowercase letters as well as a picture to help kids learn the sound it makes.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin

LeapFrog Letter Factory Video. The girls watched this over and over again when they were little and they still remember the catchy song. "The A says /a/...the A says /a/...every letter makes a sound the A says /a/"!


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